Optimising Images for Web

Optimising images for your website is crucial to ensure your website loads quickly. Having a speedy website is important for a few reasons…

  1. Google loves it! Google is going to rank your website higher in searches if it knows your website is quick to load
  2. Website visitors are more likely to leave your website if images take too long to load – no one likes to wait!
  3. It keeps your overall website size down which helps with speed, hosting, ranking and costs!

So how do we optimise images?

  1. The first step is to ensure all images are using JPG file types, not PNGs (if possible). This will drastically bring down the overall file size.
  2. Resize the image, we recommend approximately 1500 pixels x 900 pixels – you can resize images in Photoshop, the Apple preview program or online through BeFunky.com
  3. Compress your image – compressing the image shrinks the file down to ensure the smallest file possible – we recommend using TinyJPG.com